November 2, 2022

ACS Webinar
Break the Cycle: An Intimate Partner Violence Conversation
Wednesday, November 2, 2022 @ 12:00pm Central
SGS has partnered with the American College of Surgeons to shed light on intimate partner violence (IPV). Surgeons, physicians, and healthcare professionals have the potential to change the course of an individual’s life by effectively identifying people who have sustained IPV and referring them to the appropriate resources. The conversation will explore the extent of IPV in the US and abroad, signs and symptoms of IPV, and the surgeon role in IPV awareness and prevention, and how surgeons approach caring for IPV patients, experiencing IPV, or perpetrating IPV. SGS member Whitney Ross, MD, is part of this panel.

Barbara Lee Bass
  Erin Shriver
  Whitney Ross
  Mallory Williams


IUGA/SGS Webinar

Protecting the Ureter During Gynecological and Pelvic Floor Surgery
Wednesday, November 2, 2022 @ 5:00pm Central
Our expert speakers Ted Lee (USA) and Peter Dwyer (Australia), with moderator Jenny King (Australia) will present practical tips and tricks in pelvic surgery as we focus on particular risk situations with continence and prolapse surgeries.

Ted Lee
  Peter Dwyer
  Jenny King




March 9, 2021

Marlene Corton, MD, M.Sc
UT Southwestern Medical Center
  Paul A. Moran, FRCOG, MFFP
Consultant Urogynecologist
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals, NHS Trust