FPMRS Fellow Webinar Series 

SGS, AUGS and SUFU have come together to create a new limited webinar series to engage fellows in supplemental learning during the COVID-19 crisis. The series will feature virtual didactic lectures that align with the FPMRS Guide to Learning given by world-renowned faculty in urology and gynecology. A case-based panel discussion and Q&A session will follow each lecture.

Past Webinars

Understanding Your Patient's Surgical History: NUP, IVS, RPU, Mesh Kits
Speaker: Charles Rardin, MD 
Panelists: Peter Rosenblatt, MD; Roger Goldberg, MD
Moderator: William Winkelman, MD
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Rectovaginal Fistulas
Speaker: Patrick Culligan, MD
Panelists: Kim Kenton, MD; Keisha Dyer, MD
Moderator: William Winkelman, MD
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Emptying Problems in Women
Speaker: Victor Nitti, MD
Panelists: David Ginsberg, MD; Christopher Tarnay, MD
Moderator: William Winkelman, MD
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Anatomy of Level III: Surgery, Prolapse, and Operative Failure
Speaker: John DeLancey, MD
Panelists: Anthony Visco, MD; Victoria Handa, MD
Moderator: Caroline Cox, MD
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Surgical Management of Constricted or Obliterated Vagina
Speaker: John Gebhart, MD
Panelists: Robert Gutman, MD; Cecile Ferrando, MD
Moderator: Alex Berger, MD
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A Case-based Approach to Understanding the Evidence-based Management of Fecal Incontinence
Speaker: Holly Richter, PhD, MD
Panelists: Halina Zyczynski, MD; Lily Arya, MD
Moderator: Lisa Hickman, MD
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Pelvic Floor Imagin
Speakers: S. Abbas Shobeiri, MD, Jonia Alshiek, MD, Milena Weinstein, MD
Panelists: Ghazaleh Rostaminia, MD, Lieschen Quiroz, MD
Moderator: Aparna Ramaseshan, MD
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Bladder and Urethral Injuries
Speaker: Elizabeth Mueller, MD
Moderator: Jocelyn Fitzgerald, MD
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Urinary Tract Infections 
Speaker: Mikio Nihira, MD
Panelist: Jennifer Anger, MD; Lenore Ackerman, MD
Moderator: Jessica Jackson, MD
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Painful Bladder Syndrome
Speaker: Howard Goldman, MD
Moderator: Akira Gilam, MD
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Anatomic Perineal Laceration Repair
Speaker: Catherine Matthews, MD
Panelists: Ranee Thakar, MD; Christina Lewicky-Gaupp, MD
Moderator: Andre Plair, MD
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Pharmacologic Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Speaker: Cecile Ferrando, MD
Panelist: Elena Tunitsky, MD; Emily Lukacz, MD
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Evaluation and Management of Post-op Pelvic Pain
Speaker: Chip Butrick, MD
Panelists: Barry Jarnagin, MD; Bruce Kahn, MD
Moderator: Lauren Barnes, MD
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Urinary Tract Fistulas
Speaker: Sandip Vasavada, MD
Panelists: Ariana Smith, MD and Maude Carmel, MD
Moderator: Olivia Chang, MD
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NeuroUrology: Case Based Approach
Speaker: Stephen Kraus, MD
Panelists: Gary Lemack, MD; Stephanie Kielb, MD
Moderator: Rachel High, MD
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Science of Graft Augmented Repairs
Speaker: Mike Kennelly, MD
Moderator: Perna Raj, MD 
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Surgical Treatment for SUI
Speaker: Mickey Karram, MD
Panelists: Roger Dmochowsk, MD; John Gebhart, MD
Moderator: Sarah Andiman, MD
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