SGS/ACS Joint Application Process


Add FACS to your credentials! Through a new collaboration with ACS, you can simultaneously apply for membership in both SGS and ACS!

SGS Applicants for full Active Membership:

  1. When you receive your SGS application, check the box to indicate you want to simultaneously pursue both SGS and ACS membership.
  2. Provide the name of your chair and their email address on your application.
  3. Once the SGS Membership approves your membership candidacy, we’ll forward your case list, reference, and demographic data to ACS.
  4. The ACS application fee will be waived; ACS interview is required and will be coordinated directly between you and ACS.
  5. Induction to both societies will occur in the same calendar year (at the SGS Annual Meeting in the Spring, and at the ACS Congress in the Fall).

The deadline for current Active SGS members has passed as of March 31, 2024.