Collaborative Research In Pelvic Surgery Consortium(CoRPS)
Supported by the CoRPS Fund in honor of Drs. Cheryl Iglesia, Kim Kenton, and Holly Richter

The CoRPS was started by former members of the FPRN® who were looking to do collaborative multi-center research.  For more than 5 years, they successfully completed many multi-center studies and currently lead a Challenging Case Series in the Blue Journal. Now, the CoRPS has found a more permanent home in SGS and a fund has been created to support it.  This fund was established in honor of Drs. Kenton, Iglesia and Richter, who have been involved in the CoRPS as mentors from the beginning.  The CoRPS is open to all SGS members and nonmembers who would like to participate in multi-center research in all subspecialties focused on gynecologic surgery. All career levels are welcome, particularly early and mid-career attendings. 

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  • Attend quarterly meetings
    • In-person / virtual bi-annually (SGS, AUGS)
  • Give feedback on CONCEPT PROPOSALS and PROTOCOLS
  • Contribute as a Study LEAD or MEMBER
  • Serve as MENTOR if distinct expertise requested
Our next Virtual Meeting is Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 7:00pm Central.       
Click HERE to join the CoRPS.

There have been more than 10 publications. Some of our recent publications may be found here.

Steering Committee Members

SGS Research Chair: Cara Grimes /New York Medical College   [email protected]
CoRPS Chair: Shunaha Kim-Fine /University of Calgary
CoRPS Oversight Officer: Alexis Dieter, MD
/Medstar Health / Georgetown University
CoRPS Secretary: Whitney Ross, MD
/Washington University in St. Louis
CoRPS Secretary: Jaime Long, MD /Penn State College of Medicine