The David H. Nichols Fund  was established at the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting. Dr. Nichols was recognized worldwide as a premier vaginal surgeon and as a champion for addressing and improving women’s health quality of life concerns.

Dr. Nichols was a previous SGS president (1984-1985) and also honored as a distinguished surgeon (1993) who greatly valued the vaginal approach in gynecologic surgery. He was a lifelong educator and a teacher in the art of surgery with a commitment to mentoring those skilled in vaginal surgery. Dr. Nichols authored several books including the four editions of Vaginal Surgery along with numerous publications and surgical videos to highlight vaginal surgery techniques within gynecologic surgery.

This fund will be used to provide the David H. Nichols Vaginal Surgery Award for scholarly activity related to vaginal surgery presentations or videos at future SGS annual scientific meetings.

All donors will be recognized through the SGS website and during the annual meeting. Donations can be made by credit card or by check by clicking on the above "Donate Now" button.



Donors to David H. Nichols Fund

Cassandra Carberry
Jeffrey Clemons
Rajiv Gala
John Gebhart
Seth Finkelstein
Charles Hanes
Michael Moen
Deborah Myers
Simon Patton
Lisa Peacock
Robert Rogers
Dionysios K Veronikis
Andrew Walter
Renee Ward
Sara Wood
Michael Woods
Robert Zurawin