The John O. L. DeLancey Pelvic Anatomy Fund was established at the 2017 SGS Annual Scientific Meeting. The money raised from this fund will be used to support the new Pelvic Anatomy Group (PAG). The fund will initially be used to underwrite material needs and committee expenses.

All donors will be recognized through the SGS website and during annual meetings. Donations may be made by credit card or by check by clicking on the below "Donate Now" button.

Donors to John O. L. DeLancey Fund

W. Allen Addison
Mallika Anand
James L. Breen
Andrew Cassidenti
Jeffrey Clemons
Jeffrey L. Cornella
Marlene Corton
John O. L. DeLancey
Denise Elser
Rajiv Gala
John Gebhart
William W. Hurd
Cheryl Iglesia
Peter Jeppson
Gregory Kanter
Anuradha Koduri
Yuko Komesu
S. Robert Kovac
Bela Kudish
Felicia Lane
Wilma Larsen
Melinda Letterman
Vincent Lucente
Michael Maddox
Arnulfo Martinez
George B. McClure
G. Rodney Meeks
Stephen Metz
Douglas Miyazaki
Michael Moen
Miles Murphy
Deborah Myers
Mikio A. Nihira
Cara Ninivaggio
Thomas E. Nolan
Ingrid Nygaard
Cedric Olivera
Lisa M. Peacock
Robert M. Rogers
Rebecca Rogers
Peter Rosenblatt
Anne Sammarco
Mitchell Schuster
Bob Shull
Kris Strohbehn
Marc Toglia
Heather van Raalte
L. Lewis Wall
Andrew J. Walter
Mark D. Walters
Michael Woods
Carl Zimmerman