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The FMIGS-SGS Subgroup of the FPRN® (Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network) is calling for nominations for three fellows (first-year or incoming fellows) to join the Steering Committee of the subgroup.

The FPRN® is a research network operated by the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons. The network facilitates fellow-run multicenter research under the guidance of senior research mentors. In July 2015, SGS and the FMIGS board collaborated to establish the FMIGS-SGS Subgroup of FPRN®, This group published its first completed study in August of 2017. The network continues to grow with 5 studies currently underway.

Three fellows are needed to join the FMIGS-SGS Subgroup Steering Committee where they will serve as Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or Web Master. All fellows on the Steering Committee play an active role in reviewing research proposals, selecting proposals for FMIGS-SGS Subgroup participation, overseeing ongoing studies, and communicating with the FMIGS community through the AAGL annual meeting, SGS annual meeting, and Fellows’ Bootcamp. The Steering Committee will also engage in monthly conference calls to facilitate and monitor the progress of research. 

We ask Program Directors to submit the names of fellows who would be suitable for a Steering Committee position. We look for individuals with strong leadership skills, earnest commitment and interest in scholarly activities, and thorough understanding and experience in research methods and conducting studies. Nominees must be in their first year of fellowship or incoming first year of FMIGS fellowship (Class of 2020 or 2021). Please submit a letter of endorsement stating why you believe the fellow would be the best individual in the position including a recent CV here.

Deadline for submission will be April 30th, 2019.

In July 2015, SGS and FMIGS formed a group of the SGS Fellows Pelvic Research Network (FPRN)®. SGS is excited to be participating with FMIGS in this very successful program for MIGS Fellows. The SGS Research Committee will work with the FMIGS and AAGL Research Committee to provide guidance and oversight to the FMIGS-SGS FPRN. Meetings will occur at both SGS and AAGL annual meetings.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at an upcoming FPRN® meeting.



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FMIGS/SGS and AUGS/SGS Groups of FPRN® projects currently recruiting new sites

Systematic Reviews in Gynecologic Surgery: Introduction presented by Tatiana V. D. Sanses, MD on 11/15/17

10 Easy Tips For Producing Quality Research presented by Mary Ellen Wechter, MD


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