AUGS-SGS Subgroup of the Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network (FPRN)® 



AUGS-SGS Subgroup Steering Committee


Barbara Ha, MD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
[email protected]



Ashley Hilton, MD
[email protected] 

Jasmine Tibon, MD, University of Texas Health and Science Center, San Antonio, TX

Website Administrator

Sujatha Narayanamoorthy, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

AUGS-SGS Subgroup Advisory Board

Cara Grimes, MD, New York Medical College
Whitney Ross, MD, Washington University

Advisory Board Members
Alexander Berger, MD
Sarah Boyd, MD
Robert Gutman, MD
Kate Meriwether, MD
Nancy Ringel, MD


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2022 Spring AUGS-SGS FPRN® Meeting

2020 Fall AUGS-SGS FPRN® Meeting


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