AUGS/SGS Group of Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network (FPRN)® 


In July 2014, SGS and AUGS announced the formation of a group of the Fellows Pelvic Research Network (FPRN®). SGS is excited to be participating with AUGS on this very successful program for FPMRS Fellows. The SGS Research Committee will work with the AUGS Research Committee to provide guidance and oversight to the AUGS-SGS FPRN subgroup. Meetings will occur at both SGS and AUGS annual meetings.




Ok FPMRS Fellows here is your chance to jump-start a research project and get involved in the AUGS-SGS Group of the Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network(FPRN)®

Deadline for Preliminary Proposals: Sunday, September 10th (midnight EST) 

Deadline for Final Proposals w/ Power Point Presentation: Wednesday, September 27th (midnight EST)

Proposal Presentation at the FPRN® meeting at AUGS’ PFD Week: Wednesday, October 4th from 2:30 – 5:30pm

What are we looking for?
Feasible, high impact studies that address a gap in our current knowledge and utilize the multi-center nature of our network. We prefer projects that allow for ancillary studies.  Given the typical timeline, large RCT’s (while clearly of highest quality) can be done; however those are the exception, not the rule.  But other study designs, including case/control; retrospective cohort; and well-conceived cross-sectional study designs can be enhanced by considering multi-center data access and generation.

How many projects will be funded?
We do not have a limit to the number of proposals we are accepting. We have a total budget of $15,000 to support new projects. Thus, these funds could go to a single project or several smaller studies. This will be voted on at the FPRN® meeting at AUGS’ PFD Week. As alluded to above, projects that request funding on the higher end of the scale (for prospective trials or complex initiatives. e.g.) are feasible, but will require greater evidence of team/investigator experience and demonstration of capable infrastructures prior to final funding.

Explanation of Timeline
The preliminary proposals, which are due Sunday, September 10th, will be reviewed by the AUGS-SGS Group Steering Committee of the FPRN®. Those that are determined to be innovative and feasible with the appropriate multi-center design will be invited to present their full proposal at the FPRN® meeting on October 4th. Short summaries of accepted proposals will be forwarded to all FPRN® members prior to the meeting so that a robust in person discussion among your peers can ensue. The steering committee will also provide feedback to those selected and offer continued guidance through the revision process. Final proposals with power point presentation are due on September 27th.   

Research Proposal Template:  Projects should use the AUGS-SGS Group of FPRN® proposal template. Download it HERE

Where to submit?  
Projects should be submitted online HERE

Do I need to include a budget?
Yes, please be sure to include an itemized budget for your project. 

Prior to attending the FPRN® meeting please join - FPRN® HERE

Of note, there is no fee to join FPRN®, however one must be an Associate Member of SGS to join. There is a $50 annual dues to join SGS as an Associate Member and the associate membership can be continued for three years post fellowship.

Thank you for supporting the FPRN® throughout the years. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the upcoming FPRN® meeting.


The AUGS-SGS Group Steering Committee of FPRN®

Kristin M. Jacobs, MD - FY-3 (Chair) - Brown University
Pakeeza Alam, MD - FY-3 (Treasurer) - MedStar Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University
Nabila Noor, MD - FY-3 (Secretary) - Mount Auburn Hospital
Andre Petrikovets, MD - FY-3 (Website Administrator) 

FPRN® Advisors

David “Ike” D. Rahn, MD, FACOG - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
W. Thomas Gregory, MD - Oregon Health & Science University 
Robert Gutman, MD - MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University 

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