You are cordially invited to attend the annual SGS Fund Development Activity..."SGS' Got Talent" on the Upper Pool Deck on Tuesday, March 13th from 7 - 10 pm. This event will feature the special talents within  the SGS community. That's right! We are featuring your colleagues' best talent at the SGS' Got Talent show. 

Enjoy some very special Caribbean music, food, dancing, and fun as we raise awareness and funds directed towards the SGS Mission to Advance Research and Education. Golf tournament winners will be announced during the event. 

Tickets purchased in advance are $75. Advance VIP tickets are $125. VIP tickets holders receive a special Rum Tasting and closer access to the SGS' Got Talent stage. A portion of each ticket sold for this event will go towards the SGS Mission to Advance Research and Education. If you have registered for the meeting but not yet purchased an SGS' Got Talent ticket you may add this activity HERE. 

Because SGS is recognized for its evidence-based, peer review, we are offering three unique ways to participate...

1 - BID for a chance to show off your "Non-Surgical" Talent - Minimum donation of $50
Now is the time to step up and show off your "non-surgical" talent. You or your group (or department members) may bid for one of up to 12 opportunities to shine on stage and show off your unique talent.  Can you sing, dance, juggle, bust bricks, play an instrument, spin plates, ride a unicycle, or touch your tongue to your nose? Are you a comedian or sword swallower? The possibilities are endless! We are bidding out opportunities to show the SGS community that you and/or your group (or department members) are not just talented gynecologic surgeons...MANY talents are sure to abound! Click HERE now to bid for your chance to be an SGS star. Individuals or groups with winning bids will be notified on March 2nd.

2 - Be a DISCUSSANT - $20 donation for up to 1 minute at hot mic after an act
We will not have a panel of judges to discuss the merits of each act. This is a fun "judgement free" zone --we encourage you to "DISCUSS" what you liked and what could be improved on. SGS will invite participants of the event to be "DISCUSSANTS. The DISCUSSANTS will have up to one minute to discuss the act and whether it merits support of the event participants. There is a maximum of three DISCUSSANTS per act. Show us your expertise in discussing the merits of an act. DISCUSSANT tickets will be on sale at the SGS Registration Desk! Don't miss out on a DISCUSSANT opportunity

3 - Be a PEER REVIEWER - a $5 donation per vote or a $20 donation for 5 votes for your favorite act
The winner of SGS' Got Talent is based on the number of votes cast from the live viewing audience. There will be PEER REVIEW tickets available -- a $5 donation for one ticket or 5 tickets for a $20 donation to the SGS SHARE program. Place your tickets in the collection bowl of the act you like best. Or if you like multiple acts, spread your tickets around or better yet, get more tickets! The act with the most PEER REVIEW tickets wins.

There will also be large outdoor games to play with your colleagues throughout the evening.

Get ready for a fun evening showcasing your talents and giving back to SGS. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Upper Pool Deck on March 13 at 7 pm after your leisure activities.